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5 Steps To Financial Freedom
Your step-by-step guide to build your diversified investment portfolio to reach financial freedom.
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Master Stocks Investment
Significantly grow your wealth through my 25 years of experience and from the legendary investors.
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Master Real Estate Investment
Learn the secrets of real estate investment to generate passive income and reach financial freedom so you can retire early.
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Master Personal Finance
Take control of your finances by protecting your wealth and, by saving, earning and investing more.
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Master Fixed Income
Generate low risk, passive income through bonds, preferred stocks and peer-to-peer investment.
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Master Gold & Silver Investment
Protect your wealth against inflation and devaluation through gold and silver investment.
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Having journeyed across continents for over two decades, I've had the privilege of encountering remarkable individuals, such as yourself, brimming with potential, passion, and ambitious dreams. Yet, many of these aspirations remain unfulfilled for 2 primary reasons: financial obligations that confine them to their full-time jobs, or a lack of the necessary skills and knowledge to progress. Drawing upon more than 25 years of firsthand investment experience, I founded Wealth Heights—a sanctuary tailored for individuals like yourself, eager to enrich their financial knowledge or soar towards the summit of Financial Freedom.


From the Wealth Heights Community

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Saliou D.
France / 1-On-1 Coaching


"The course is excellent, it is geared towards practice and immediate action. Becoming financially free is now more than ever within everyone's reach. The training brings concrete and satisfactory results. The great value delivered is well worth the price of the training."

M. Saleh
Egypt / 5STFF Online Course


"I just completed the online training and it is really life changing... I learned a lot and I will start applying... thank you for sharing your knowledge with us."

Hayley Hilton
UAE / Wealth Heights Seminar


"After our session with Wealth Heights, I had these action items that I could finally follow. Haitham gave us so many tips that I finally feel empowered, that I have the information, knowledge and tools to actually implement my financial goals and dreams."

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